Service Alerts

Service Update 16-Nov-2017 at 14:00

We are working with Vodafone on this issue.  A temporary work-around has been developed and is being rolled out to most units, but we thank you for your patience as this will take most of the afternoon to complete.

Service Update 15-Nov-2017 at 13:00

Vodafone network issues have reduced the frequency (and reliability) with which we are able to communicate with remote equipment.  Please be aware that signs will be working, but many are unable to report the ON/OFF confirmation log entries back to the web site.
Rapid, accurate access to your key data means up-to-the-minute knowledge and smarter business.
From simple metering to fully automated remote control systems, Digital Telemetry solutions connect you wirelessly to your infield information and enable simple, powerful remote data visibility.
Application snapshot
The potential of Digital Telemetry solutions applied in your world.
    Digital Telemetry enables you to connect remotely to Industrial Control Systems. Data can be collected with little or no changes to existing PLC's, such as Rockwell Micrologix®. Systems can be remotely controlled and data collected using either Digital Telemetry software or your existing systems untouched. This allows remote management and data collection to be quickly and cost effectively added to new or existing systems.
CUSTOMER SHOWCASE: Digital Telemetry applied Click here to view next Showcase
Improving Trade Waste compliance in Hutt City
Increase the accuracy of and ease of access to Trade Waste flow data. Ten minute flow data available 24x7 via the web for both Hutt City council and their customers from existing meters. Council now has access to real time flow data, from anywhere. Accurate, current data means reduced Trade Waste administration overheads and improved compliance rates.
AT WORK: our solution capability areas
  • Sign Controllers
    Web-based scheduling and control of traffic signs
  • Weather Data
    Real Time or delayed Feeds
  • Environmental Sensors
    Metering & Monitoring
  • Events and Alarms
    Rainfall, Pumps, Switches
  • Control Systems
    RS232, Sewage Monitoring, Smart systems
  • Fault Monitoring
    Status and Alarms
  • Remote Control
    Web Based Management
  • GPS & Continuous Feeds
    Live feeds and tracking
  • Gas & Electricity TOU/HHR
    Commercial Metering
  • Industrial Control (PLC)
    Remote monitoring, control and programming